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About Social Media Marketing

The Main Aim or objective of this program is to let you know about Social Media marketing & why it is so popular now-a-days. It's Concept, elements, do's & don'ts, profile management techniques & advertising approach so that you can generate more leads. Social media marketing programs is to promote, create brand awareness, generate leads, and communicate with your customers.

SMO(Social Media Optimization)

  • Definition of social media
  • Types of social media
  • Key terms to understand
  • How Social Media influences audience
  • How Social Media is affecting Google Search
  • How to choose right social media
  • Developing unique content, positioning and voice
  • How to generate Word of mouth
  • Integrating social media into your website and blogs
  • How to amplify content with multiple Social Media channels - Viral Marketing

Using Facebook

  • Setting up Facebook and Privacy
  • What Can You Do With Facebook
  • Facebook Features: Photo Album | Events | The Wall and Notes | Chat | Groups and Fan Pages
  • Facebook Benefits
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Facebook Profile
  • Group Pages vs. Fan Pages
  • Facebook Pages - what can you do
  • How to promote your Facebook page
  • Engagement and Conversation
  • Being Found in Real Time Search
  • Creating Facebook Application / Widget
  • Pro and Con of using Facebook
  • Linking with YouTube
  • Creating Events
  • Building content calendar


  • What is Google Plus
  • Features
  • Tools & Techniques
  • Google Plus: Circles | Hangouts | Stream
  • Google Plus goes Mobile
  • Google + 1
  • Google Plus for Businesses

Using Twitter

  • What is Twitter
  • Why we love it
  • Opportunity
  • How to Setup a Twitter account
  • Tips about setting up a Twitter account: Personal Bio | Profile Picture | Background Picture
  • Following and Listening
  • Building Relationship
  • Tools for managing your Tweets
  • Finding People and Companies on Twitter
  • Understanding the Twitter Lingo
  • Twitter Guidelines
  • Twitter Tools
  • Reputation Management | Keyword Research | Competition Analysis
  • Automate Twitter
  • How to Shorten and Measure your URLs

Using LinkedIn

  • What is LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Answers
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • How to do link building in LinkedIn
  • Creating SEO friendly url
  • Pro & Con of using LinkedIn
  • Company profiles Vs. Indivisual profiles
  • Marketing on Linkedln groups

Video Marketing

  • Creating Videos
  • How to create videos
  • Uploading videos on video marketing sites
  • Youtube video marketing strategy
  • Advertising on youtube
  • Different video sites like youtube,metacafe,vimeo,AOL videos